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Elite Vacaction Rentals has officially opened and is located 22843 Perdido Beach Blvd Suite D Orange Beach, AL 36561. is a concierge level property management company. We service Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and Fort Morgan Alabama properties. We provide an unparalled performance srandard while delivering outstanding revenues for our clients. is focused on assisting you achieve the best results possible on your investment. Grand Opening Event:

How to choose the best vacation rental company?

If you own a beach property in, or Fort Morgan, Alabama and you’re looking to rent it, then it can be difficult to manage this entire process on your own. Not only do you have to talk with every customer, help them set up and also instruct them regarding the property, but you also need to manage cleaning and payments. Which is where the need for a good vacation rental company comes into play. With help from a dedicated vacation rental company you can manage everything and save quite a lot of time and effort. But how can you choose the right vacation rental company?

What services are included in each package?

Most vacation rental companies have different packages depending on the client needs. A good idea is to check what these companies are offering and what you are getting for your money. That’s why you want to take your time and compare every package to see what works for you within that particular package. For example, marketing might be included, or it might come with an extra fee.

Fees and terms

Every vacation rental company has their own contract terms and fees. That’s why it’s very important to understand how much will you pay for everything and also if there are any additional fees aside from the regular ones. Each company is free to set their own fees, and obviously that will have an impact on the overall process and experience. 

When are guests able to book the property?

Ideally, you want a vacation rental company that will be able to handle guests at any time, even during the weekend. Some of these companies won’t work weekends, so that’s a thing you need to take into account. 

How and where will you market my property?

No matter if the marketing service is included in the regular package or not, you do want to know where and how is your property marketed to customers. Do they have a specific targeting system, do they cover your area or any other? All these things matter and they will show you if the vacation rental company you want to work with is a viable solution or not.

Do I receive any updates?

Customers should always receive an update from the vacation rental company. The amount of updates vary from one company to the other. Some will talk with the client beforehand and set certain rules. so in many cases most actions for different scenarios are already pre-determined. Still, it’s great to receive some updates or even a report with all the actions, costs, rentals done during the month and so on.


Finding a great vacation rental company in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan Alabama can be very difficult, but these tips and tricks will be able to help. Elite Beach Vacation Rentals is here to bring you an amazing experience and direct access to some of the top solutions on the market. We are a concierge boutique management company focused on delivering the best customer service and value for money. All you need is to give us a try right away, and we guarantee you will have the best vacation rental management services at affordable prices!

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